Job description

We are offering positions as student assistants for tasks in ion beam technology and its various applications. Most notably regarding ion beam source and ion radiation facility development for medicine, ion implantation technology and R&D applications. Furthermore, for solutions involving special R&D fields from process and systems development with their related fields, all the way to experimental work regarding systems characterization. 


We are offering employment as a student assistant for university and college students. You should have a basic foundation of scientific and technological knowledge. We're especially interested in the fields of physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, high frequency technology, and programming/information technology.
You should have completed at least two semesters at a relevant educational institution, and distinguish yourself through your team spirit, creativity, and willingness to learn. Fluency in written and spoken German as well as proficiency in English are required.
If suitable, long-term employment is both possible and welcomed!

What we have to offer

We provide an innovative, modern environment with wide-ranging possibilities regarding professional and personal development.
If interested and suitable we can offer the possibility of producing your internship report, bachelor's, master's or diploma thesis, and dissertation in cooperation with your college/university. You will receive fair compensation for your work with flexible, to be agreed upon hours.
We are located at Sachsenallee 24A in 01723 Kesselsdorf. Starting in 01/2022, we will begin moving to our new R&D campus at Lohmener Straße, 01796 Pirna.

Application submission

Please use our contact platform to submit your application documents.