Faraday cup

Faraday cups are used for measuring electrical currents of charged particle beams in real time in broad pressure ranges, down to ultra-high vacuum conditions.

The Faraday cup is equipped with a suppressor electrode for compensation of secondary electron emission.

They can be used for currents of fA up to mA at beam power loads of up to 30 W.

category charged particle beam diagnostics
measured quantity charged particle beam charge/current
maximum beam power up to 30 W with passive cooling;
higher beam power possible with active cooling
current measurement range fA up to mA
pressure operating range down to 1·10-10 mbar
mounting flange fixed: DN63 CF or larger, other flanges on request;
movable: DN40 CF or larger, other flanges on request
connections BNC connector
aperture dimensions 1 mm up to 30 mm
maximum bakeout temperature 150 °C
approx. box size (length x width x height) 260 mm x 152 mm x 460 mm (DN100 CF flange)

Special Features

  • fixed installation or solutions with a linear feedthrough featuring manual or motorized positioning systems
  • apertures with different diameters (standard up to 30 mm or upon customer request)
  • all beam-stressed Faraday cup parts (i.e. aperture, detector etc.) can be made of highly sputter resistant materials (e.g. tungsten, molybdenum) for use with heavy or highly energetic ions
  • electrical feedthroughs for all signals and voltages (standard BNC connectors, alternative electric feedthroughs are possible)
  • control and measurement software

Optional supplementing devices

  • power supply for the suppressor voltage
  • current measurement device for ion beam currents of fA up to mA
  • active cooling system for higher thermal loads
  • further customization possible 

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