Einzel lens

Einzel lenses are ion-optical elements used to guide and focus charged particle beams without changing their kinetic energy.

The einzel lens consists of three cylindrical electrodes. Focusing of the beam is achieved by applying a high voltage to the central electrode.

They can be used in broad pressure ranges, down to ultra-high vacuum conditions.

category charged particle beam optics
pressure operating range down to 1·10-10 mbar
maximum electrode voltage configurations up to ±30 kV, or on customer request
mounting flange DN100 CF, other dimensions on customer request
maximum bakeout temperature 150 °C
approx. box size (length x width x height) 190 mm x 152 mm x 250 mm (DN100 CF flange)

Special features

  • electrostatic beam focusing for a broad range of charged particle beams varying in beam diameter and energy
  • lens voltages of up to ± 30 kV, higher lens voltages up to ± 50 kV available on request
  • electrodes of different diameters and with variable spacing available
  • multiple solutions regarding size and attachment of electrodes possible
  • flange-centered design allows for excellent combination with other charged particle beamline components
  • electrical feedthroughs for all voltages

Optional supplementing devices

  • power supply for lens potential
  • optional control software
  • can be combined with Wien filter module for optimum particle beam separation and guidance 

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