Electrostatic deflector

Electrostatic deflectors can be used for charged particle beam guidance and deflection as elements of beam optics.

Designed with four electrodes, it allows a deflection of the ion beam in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The electrostatic deflector can be operated in broad pressure ranges, down to ultra-high vacuum conditions.

category charged particle beam optics
pressure operating range down to 1·10-10 mbar
maximum electrode voltage ±10 kV, or on customer request
electrode spacing 30 mm, or on customer request
mounting flange DN100 CF, other dimensions (size, cylindrical or planar)
on customer request;
DN63 CF or other flange dimensions or flange types
on customer request
maximum bakeout temperature 150 °C
approx. box size (length x width x height) 60 mm x 280 mm x 280 mm (DN100 CF flanges)

Special Features

  • four electrodes enable horizontal and vertical beam deflection for beam position and angle correction or beam scanning
  • refocusing of ion beams by superimposing lens voltages onto both deflector electrodes simultaneously
  • use as a beam scanner in combination with suitable potential control on the deflector electrodes
  • electrode voltage of up to ±10 kV
  • 30 mm distance between electrode segments, other spacing on customer request
  • compact design in one casing thus requiring little space, allowing uncomplicated integration into existing setups
  • electrical feedthroughs for all voltages

Optional Supplementing Devices

  • power supplies for electrodes
  • optional control software
  • further customization possible

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