D.I.S Germany is a Center of Excellence in Electron and Ion Beam Technology and related fields.

D.I.S Germany stands for Dynamic Integrated Solutions in Electron and Ion Beam Technology, manufacturing of sophisticated complex devices for applications in analytics, medicine, and ion implantation among others, as well as for R & D solutions.

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Don't compromise on your requirements for gas analysis as well as partial and total pressure measurement! Choose the multipurpose D.I.S All-In-One Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) with patented ion pulse technology for your applications!

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D.I.S irradiation setup option


The product portfolio of D.I.S Germany covers ion sources, ion beam optics and diagnostics, their integration in complex installations as well as complete irradiation facilities including target chamber and target transfer.



D.I.S Germany offers consulting services in ion beam technology and in sophisticated manufacturing-related customer projects.

Career opportunities

Career Opportunities

We are looking for highly motivated and creative technical personnel with experience in vacuum technology, electron and ion beam technology, RF field and/or high precision manufacturing.

Knowledge base

Knowledge Base

D.I.S Germany and our partners in the United States bundle our core competencies handling complex high-tech challenges in ion and electron beam generation, manipulation, characterization and beyond.