Ion irradiation and test facility

D.I.S customizes ion irradiation facilities for the characterization of ion sources, ion optics, ion diagnostics as well as ion analytics. 

Due to the highly modularized design of the facility components, easy exchange of beamline elements for testing and ion irradiation purposes is possible. Therefore, it can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Custom Solutions

Ion irradiation and test facility

The following table gives an exemplified overview of components that could be combined in an ion irradiation & test facility. 

Ion sources D.I.S EBIS C-1
D.I.S ECRIS-2.45
Charged particle beam optics

Electrostatic deflectors
Einzel lenses

Charged particle beam diagnostics

Faraday cups
Aperture systems

Charged particle beam analytics Wien filter
Electromagnetic dipole

Most parts can be customized according to specific requirements to perfectly fit into existing installations. 
The setup is highly adaptable and therefore can be combined with and adapted to customer specific components as well. 

D.I.S Germany offers Command & Control hardware and software in addition to the irradiation facility.