The compact D.I.S Germany Ion Irradiation and Implantation Facilities Type-M are based on a versatile Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) which is offered with a Wien filter for charge and mass separation of the extracted ion beam.
The product is aimed to users in research and development, but also for industrial applications, providing the irradiation and implantation of ions in samples of up to 25 mm in size and higher (on request).



Type-M without Chamber Vacuum SchemeFigure 1: Vacuum scheme of the D.I.S ion irradiation and implanter setup without irradiation chamber.

Type-M w. Chamber Vacuum SchemeFigure 2: Vacuum scheme of the D.I.S ion irradiation and implanter setup with irradiation chamber.

Type-M Facility w Chamber Potential Scheme Figure 3: Potential scheme of the D.I.S ion irradiation Type-M setup including irradiation chamber


Animation showing the facility with all its labeled components:   


Following the path of the ions through the facility:   


Ion Irradiation / Implantation Facility - Type-M



  • ECRIS with a compact Wien filter for low to intermediate ion beam currents of several hundreds of microamps
  • Facility is offered with horizontal ion beam orientation
    • vertical ion beam configurations are possible on demand


  • alternative ion source configurations with Electron Beam Ion Sources (EBIS) for highly charged ions or Field Ionization Sources (FIS) for the ionization of gases and complex molecules
  • generation of metal ion beams over a wide range of elements using the MIVOC method (MIVOC: Metal Ions from VOlatile Compounds)
  • gas mixing board for different process gases


The ion irradiation and implantation facility includes an ion beam source with RF and gas feeding systems, ion beam optics, a charge state & mass separator ( Wien filter), an irradiation chamber with substrate manipulator stage (heatable up to 500°C and devices for linear target motion, for the adjustment of the target tilting angle and for target rotation) for substrates up to inch-size, vacuum system, high voltage power supplies and PLC-based command & control (C&C).

Ion Source

The used ion source is an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source (ECRIS) capable of producing ion beams of hundreds of eμA. Any gas can be fed into the ion source, special techniques can also be used to inject metallic ions and complex organic molecules.

Beam Guiding System

In order to purify the ion beam according to the ion charge state and ion mass a compact Wien filter (low or intermediate ion beam current applications) is mounted downstream of the extraction system.


The ion irradiation chamber includes a Faraday cup and a manipulator stage suitable for heating (up to 500°C or higher on customer demand) and rotation of the substrates. The manipulator stage is installed on a linear and rotary feedthrough for linear translation as well as for realizing different ion implantation angles.


produced ions
  • protons (H+), noble gas ions (e.g. He+, Ne+, Ar+, Xe+ etc.) but also other elements,
  • injection methods for metallic ions offered on request
energy range from 1 keV to 50 keV
ion beam current hundreds of eμA
charge state & mass filter
  • Wien filter
beam guiding system electrostatic beam optics with appropriate HV power supplies
beam scan samples with variable sizes up to 25 mm or on request
  • base pressure down to ~10-8 mbar,
  • working pressure ~10-6 mbar and higher
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and graphical Human Machine Interface,
  • full control of ion source and beam parameters,
  • optional, full control of the parameters of the irradiation chamber
irradiation chamber
  • for 25 mm sample size and larger (on customer demand)
  • variable implantation angle,
  • heating up to 500°C and higher (on customer demand),
  • measurement of the beam current,
  • software control of the applied ion current,
  • transfer system on request
approx. box size (length x width x height) 2 m x 1 m x 2 m

The facility has a modular design and is offered as a complete ion irradiation solution.  Additionally, the individual components of the system can be ordered.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution suitable for your specific application.


Available soon.


Animation showing the facility with all its labeled components:   


Following the path of the ions through the facility: