Wien filter

Generally, Wien filters are used for separating charged particle beams by velocity using orthogonally superimposed magnetic and electric fields.

The Wien filter features different entry and exit apertures for defining mass and charge state resolution and for collimating the beam.

They can be used for beam power loads of up to 30 W in broad pressure ranges, down to ultra-high vacuum conditions. 

category charged particle beam diagnostics
maximum beam power up to 30 W with passive cooling
pressure operating range down to 1·10-10 mbar
applicable current range pA up to mA
mounting flange DN100 CF (standard), other flange dimensions and 
types on customer request
connections SHV 10 kV
maximum bakeout temperature 150 °C
weight 25 kg
approx. box size (length x width x height) 50 mm x 160 mm x 270 mm (DN100 CF flanges)

SPecial Features

  • suitable design for operation with high power, large diameter beams of light ions (e.g. helium)
  • apertures of different diameters of up to 15 mm
  • all beam-stressed parts (e.g. electrodes, apertures) can be made of highly sputter resistent materials (e.g. tungsten)
  • broad application range (concerning beam energy and beam diameter) due to availability of magnet yokes of different magnetic flux
  • alternative electric feedthrough options

Optional Supplementing devices

  • power supply for electrodes
  • optional control software
  • Faraday cup as current measurement device for charged particle beams, measuring range starting at pA

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