4-Jaw slit system

The slit system is an ion beam diagnostics system consisting of up to four elements for collimating or blanking the charged particle beam. Each slit is mounted on a linear feedthrough and can be moved into and out of the beam individually. Motorized solutions are the standard. The slit systems are designed to withstand up to 15 W of beam power load per slit. More resilient solutions are available upon request. Electrically insulated mounting of the slit elements is an option, allowing for the measurement of even low currents of pA up to mA. Our slit systems are suitable for a wide pressure range, down to ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions.

Custom Solutions

4-Jaw slit system, each slit can be moved individually.

Custom solutions: 

We offer development of custom solutions to perfectly suit your requirements.

Our 4-Jaw slit systems offer the following features customizable to your specific implementation:                                                                    

  • slit systems of different dimensions available

  • different travel lengths

  • each aperture is mounted to a motorized linear feedthrough thus being individually adjustable

  • manual linear feedthroughs or fixed installation optional

  • optional readout of charged particle currents on the aperture system with insulated aperture option

  • optionally highly sputter resistant materials (e.g. tungsten) are available and recommended for use with beams of heavy and/or highly energetic ions

  • implemented heatsinks for passive cooling

  • suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-way crosses or cubes of any dimension between DN16 CF and DN200 CF as alternative recipient

Optional Supplementing Devices:

  • current measurement device for all dimensions of electric current, starting at pA
  • active cooling unit for higher thermal loads