The product portfolio offered by D.I.S Germany covers all elements necessary for state-of-the-art charged particle beam facilities. Each of these products is characterized by a highly-modularized design in order to be easily combinable with other components involved in charged particle beam applications in context of electrons and ions.

Ion irradiation and test facility

Ion Irradiation Facilities

Adaptable to the requirements of developers, researchers, research facilities and beyond.


Ion Sources

The heart of each ion beam facility.

Einzel lens

Charged Particle Beam Optics

Optical components for beam guidance and focus.

Faraday cup

Charged Particle Beam Diagnostics

Investigating all relevant beam properties.


Gas Analytics

Products for simple and fast gas analysis as well as for partial and total pressure measurement.


Gas Supplies

Products for the supply of gases from gaseous, liquid or solid state of aggregation.