Aperture system

Aperture systems can be used to collimate or blank charged particle beams for ion beam tailoring or diagnostics.

The system is designed for collimating beams of charged particles with currents of a few pA, as well as beams with up to 15 W beam power in broad pressure ranges, down to ultra-high vacuum conditions.

category charged particle beam diagnostics
maximum beam power up to 15 W with passive cooling;
higher beam power possible with active cooling
pressure operating range down to 1·10-10 mbar
travel length 50 mm up to 200 mm, fixed, or on customer request
mounting flange DN16 CF up to DN200 CF, or on customer request
maximum bakeout temperature 150 °C
approx. box size (length x width x height) 210 mm x 152 mm x 410 mm (DN100 CF flange)

Special Features

  • apertures of different dimensions available
  • different travel lengths
  • mounted to a linear feedthrough in order to enable positioning into and out of the beam
  • optionally highly sputter resistant materials (e.g. tungsten) are available and recommended for use with beams of heavy and/or highly energetic ions
  • optional readout of charged particle currents on the aperture system with insulated aperture option and electrical feedthrough option

Optional supplementing devices

  • current measurement device for all dimensions of electric current, starting at pA
  • active cooling system for higher thermal loads
  • optional extension to multi-jaw slit system

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