Products for the supply of gases from gaseous, liquid or solid state of aggregation.


The use of metal ions is required for a wide range of applications. Metal ions are often difficult to introduce into ion sources and known techniques such as evaporation furnaces or sputtering techniques do not always lead to the desired success. Therefore, the MIVOC method for generating metal ions has proven to be favorable for a large number of metals.  D.I.S Germany offers all required compounds for an MIVOC system.

MIVOC principle
Figure 1: Principle diagram for the MIVOC method for loading the ionization volume of an ion sources. p1 – saturated vapour pressure of the used chemical compound, p2 – pressure inside the ion source, c – conductance of the transmission line, v1 – valve for a pump connection, v2 – lock valve.

Special Features

  • Generation of volatile compounds for the production of metal ions
  • A broad range of organometallic and other compounds is available for the production of metal ions (see FURTHER READINGS AND DOWNLOADS)


  • Vacuum pumping and measuring equipment

  • Spare MIVOC sample holder


Refer to our tutorial for the physical background and comprehensive information:

MIVOC Tutorial