Ion irradiation and test facility

For several decades, ion irradiation facilities have enabled humanity to push the boundaries of knowledge in the fields of nuclear, particle and astrophysics, as well as in material science, medicine and different technological processes. 
At D.I.S Germany we want to contribute to future breakthroughs in these fields and beyond by offering complete ion beam facilities, tailored to the requirements of researchers, developers, university students, research facilities and industry. 

Ion irradiation and test facility

Ion irradiation & test facility

D.I.S. test facility for the characterization of ion sources, ion optics, ion diagnostics and for basic research connected with ion beam interactions in R & D.

Ion Irradiation and Implantation Facility

Ion Irradiation & Implantation Facility

D.I.S Ion Irradiation and Implantation Facility for charge and mass separated ion beams for industry, industry-related research and R & D applications.